The best way to Hang a Clock on A-Wall Stud

At first look, hanging a clock on the wall looks to be a procedure that is effortless. Whether you live in earthquake country, near a railroad track or on a road that is busy, a nail can be progressively worked by vibration from the wall. A clock that is large might actually rip screw or a nail from the dry wall just after after installation. Of hanging a clock, the only approach would be to secure it into a wall stud using a long eye-screw.

Locate the wall studs using a stud finder. Move the studfinder on the other side of the wall before the indicator light turns green. Mark that spot using a pencil, then carry on shifting the studfinder before the light turns red. Mark that place. Draw an X between both marks. This can be the middle of the wall stud.

Drill a hole at a 45-degree angle through the dry wall and to the wall stud, utilizing a power drill.

Insert an eye-screw to the hole and screw it to the wall.

Wrap photo wire around and through on the rear of the clock. Push the wire through the eye-screw and wrap it. Cut off any extra wire with wire-cutters. Wrap the ends of the wire to secure the clock – .

Place earthquake putty or double-stick tape on the rear of the clock. Press the clock from the wall to to stick it. This can help prevent movement in vibration or an earthquake when heavy-truck or a freight train passes your house.

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