How to Install Carpet Yourself

You can now install your own carpet cleaning Scottsdale by just following a few easy steps. The process typically starts by determining the dimensions of the longest walls using a popular formula that involves multiplying the width with the length, dividing the answer by nine and then adding ten percent of the final answer to throw off any abnormalities.

Clean the Subfloor

Start by cleaning the subfloor to remove any residual dirt, paint or debris, and sweep it clean so that it’s completely smooth.

Remove the Doors

The next step is to remove the doors from the room to make the carpet installation easier.

Install the Tackless Strips

Use a regular strip cutter to cut the tackless strips, and nail them about ½ an inch away from the wall, but avoid attaching them alongside entryways and thresholds, as they might thrust out from under the carpet and nick your feet as you walk by.

Install the Carpet Pad

Next, lay out the carpet cleaning Scottsdale AZ and position it in such a way that the carpet pad sits in a perpendicular position in relation to the direction which you intend to install the carpet. Affix it to the tackless strip using a staple hammer.

Staple Pad Seams

Once you’ve rolled out the carpet pad from one side to the next, staple the other end to the wall using a staple hammer again, leaving spaces in between the staples so that they’re not on top of each other. Also stretch the padding while stapling it, to ensure that it’s tight enough to ensure the carpet’s durability.

Trim the Pad

Feel through the carpet with your hands to locate the strip, and then trim the excess carpet padding that sits on its inner edge to reveal all the tacks once again.

Notch Corners for Trimming

If necessary, nick the corners of the carpet until it’s the right length to seamlessly fit into the room. You might want to take the carpet outside for this step so that you have enough space to move around in.

Trim the Carpet to Size

Then, gradually shape the carpet cleaners Scottsdale by trimming it until it accurately fits the room that you’ll be installing it in. An easy way to trim the carpet is to roll it up and then draw a line from one end of the carpet to the other using chalk, and then cut the unwanted part of the carpet following the chalk line.

Trim the Excess Carpet

After rolling out the carpet again, try keeping it as straight as you can so that it’s easier to spot any discrepancies in positioning. Although you’ll probably have to trim off some more excess carpet, you’ll want to keep an extra 3-inch layer along the walls for good measure.

Glue the Seams Together

Press down on the carpet edges and attach the seams together using glue.

Trim Around the Obstacles

Trim the carpet one last time with a carpet blade for a seamless fit, and then press the carpet down again in order to fasten it onto the tackless strips.

Trim the Excess from the Edges

Use a wall trimmer to make sure that there are no extra carpet pieces peeking through, and that it sits perfectly straight after you’ve cut it.

Stretch the Carpet

Give the carpet a proper stretch using a power stretcher.

Use a Binder Bar

You can enhance the stretch using the binder bar.

Finish Trimming the Carpet

The final step is to cut away any unnecessary vent openings and put in some shoe molding for a nice finish.