Loropetalum Bushes

A member of the witch-hazel family, Chinese fringe flower (Loropetalum chinense) is an eye catching, unique addition to any backyard. Chinese fringe flower shrubs develop 6- to 8-feet tall and broad and offer a vivid show of white or pink flowers from late winter to early spring, while most other crops in the backyard are dormant and boring. Loropetalum grows through 14 and 9 .


As breathtaking as its flowers, the foliage of the fringe flower ranges from green with respect to the cultivar. “Hines Purpleleaf” Plum Delight creates purple foliage using a rosy cast that turns to bronzed purple and might even change to yellow or gold in cold temperatures. By contrast, the patented Razzleberri range of Monrovia Nursery begins with foliage that gradually changes to olive-green. The foliage of Chinese fringe flower is usually not delicious to deer.


The spiky of Loropetalum blooms can be found in between late winter and early spring sometime in abundance, depending on environment and variety. Flowers might show up randomly instances the remaining year, but maybe not as abundantly. The flowers are showy and fragrant, blooming in clusters in the ends of the branches of the plant. Loropetalum chinense “Blush” and Monrovia Nursery’s patented Razzleberri types create vivid pink, red-tinged flowers all year long. Loropetalum chinense “Nci002” Carolina Moon-Light, a patented range, creates delicate, spidery white blooms.

Culture Needs

Plant Loropetalum in well-drained, acidic to neutral soil. Chinese fringe flower grows best in fertile soil but tolerates shade and both full sun. The plant is a great option for sloped places, where its deep-root system AIDS in preventing erosion. Spread a layer of mulch about but not touching the plant to to store water and keep the roots cool in summer. Water improve the frequency throughout prolonged warm, dry spells, and weekly. Fertilize using a product, subsequent to the plant finishes blooming in the fall and prune broken or dead wood away.


Where its dimensions is only over-shadowed by its own flower display, Chinese fringe flower thrives in big containers. Consider using it as a characteristic plant in the landscape or line several fringe flower shrubs in a row up to to create a lush, colourful display. Chinese fringe flower pruned into a hedge and can be planted. Experiment with topiary or train the plant as a remarkable espalier against a wall.

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