How To Install A New Window

A lot of windows sold in the market today are “pre-hung.” This means that they have already been assembled and they come with frames. Pre-hung windows are intended to be installed directly so the installation process is easier compared to building a frame and then installing a window on it.

Although the task of window repair has been already made easier for you, it will still require carpentry materials and skills. If you don’t feel confident in tackling the task on your own, we suggest that you call a window installation expert.

What we have below are general instructions on how you can successfully install a window. The directions will vary from product to product. Therefore, make sure you read the specific instructions that the manufacturer has given for the installation of the window that you bought.

Note: you need to open a wall’s interior side and roughly frame an opening on where you will do window cleaning. The rough framing would include wall studs for all sides, a header for the window, and a 2-by-4 sill (doubled).

Preparing an Opening

Step 1: Working from your home’s interior, drive a couple of nails through a wall in order to mark each corner of your window. From outside, outline an opening for your window.

Step 2: Using a power saw, cut through the sheathing and the siding. Make sure you use the right blade. Then, lift your window up and place it on the opening. Check if it fits. If necessary, continue trimming.

Step 3: Temporarily put up your window to the opening to check if it does fit. The opening must be a bit larger compared to the actual window. You can verify how much space is needed to be left on the instructions that came with your store-bought window. If necessary, cut through your drywall and siding again so you can have ample space.

Step 4: Get 8 inches wide moisture seal strips. Line the opening by tucking them into your siding. Next, cut the moisture seal corners diagonally using a utility knife. Fold the pieces towards the interior. Cut the strips until they extend to the edge of your opening and then staple them.

Mounting the Window

From outside your house, position the bottom part of your window onto the spacers. Slowly push the topmost part into the opening. On one of the top corners, drive a nail halfway through the trim. Check if your window is leveled. If necessary, make an adjustment to the shims. Then, you can drive the nail completely. Drive nails at all the other corners as well as around the perimeter.

Insert shims on the sides that are near the window’s midpoint, top, and bottom parts. Then, adjust as needed until your window is plumb. Now, check if your window is operational and secure it to your opening. Drive nails into the casing or brick mold. Lastly, apply sealant and flashing both in and out according to the instructions of the manufacturer.