The way to Troubleshoot a Sprinkler Leak

If your water bill goes sky high or you visit water draining, then a leak in the sprinkler system is a likely culprit. Troubleshoot a sprinkler leak with a couple tools which identify whether the leak is occurring at the sprinkler head or deeper in the system. As soon as you’ve found where the leak is occurring, you’re able to better define a strategy of action to resolve the leak, then avoid overwatering and cut your water bill back down to size.

Walk the machine to observe any interference with the sprinkler and check for broken sprinkler heads. Sprinklers with debris caught in these are more inclined to remain upright and not recede into their receptacle. Remove any debris trapped in the sprinkler head and then replace any broken sprinklers to see whether this cuts off the leaking.

Shut off the water supply to the machine. Open the box in which the main valve system is installed.

Clear the valve box of mud and debris. Outline the piping and connections for any signs of water or moist seepage. Pack the box with dry, used towels and leave overnight. Take a look at the morning to determine whether the towels are moist, which isolates the flow to the valve and solenoids.

Cap the sprinklers in case the towels in the valve box are dry. Turn the water back on and run the machine. Start looking for areas where the water begins to bubble to the drain or surface, which isolates the leakage to a pipe or connector in the computer system.

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