The best way to Fertilize Recently Laid Sod

An estimated 20-million acres of American soil are included in lawns, reviews the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In the event that you are planning to join the masses, or in the event that you are renovating your existing garden, laying sod — sheets of proven, prerooted grass — is a quicker way of creating your yard compared to sowing grass seeds or installing sod plugs. Just like any other technique of garden institution, nevertheless, a precisely timed fertilization routine is essential to ensuring the grass becomes correctly anchored in to your soil.

Calculate the Necessary Fertilizer Prices

Review the entrance of your garden fertilizer bundle and notice the first quantity in the printed nutrient ratio, that might look like “2 1-0-0” or “2 3-6.”

Divide 100 from the number in the ratio. As an example, in case your fertilizer label states “2 1-00,” divide 100 by 2 1. The effect is the amount of lbs of your garden fertilizer item that is particular that is needed to provide a pound of nitrogen for 1000 square-feet of your garden.

Calculate your complete garden area. Calculate its size, for those who have a little garden and multiply it by its width to reach its square-footage. For those who have an extremely large house, it might be simpler to consider your complete acreage — an acre is 43,560-square feet — and subtract the square-footage of your house as well as other structures in your premises.

Divide your garden region by 1,000, then multiply the result by the amount of lbs of fertilizer you calculated in-Step 2. The effect is the amount of lbs of fertilizer you require to feed your lawn in a price of OF JUST ONE pound of nitro Gen per 1000 feet.

Fertilizing Recently Laid Sod

After you lay the sod sprinkle fertilizer on the area of your freshly laid sod the day. Use possibly a spreader or a fall spreader to disperse the fertilizer. Apply enough fertilizer to to provide 1/2 pound of nitro Gen — t-AKE the a-Mount you determined Instep 4 above and divide it in two — per 1000 squarefeet of sod.

Water your garden. This carries down the fertilizer to the root-level of the sod to reduce the dangers of nitro Gen burns off on the the top of sod and also to make sure proper feeding.

Mow your recently laid sod one week after it is often installed. This diverts the power of the sod back rather than draining its sources to to aid tallgrass progress in to correct root advancement. Leave the grass clippings on the surface as an alternative to raking it a way, of the sod; as the clippings decompose, they fertilize the grass that is underlying.

Fertilize the sod a 2nd and ultimate time, roughly six months after you’ve laid down it. With this time, the sod ought to be rooted and completely proven. Apply fertilizer at the complete rate of OF JUST ONE pound of nitro Gen per 1000 square toes of grass, although as you did in-Step 1.

Water your garden to distribute down the fertilizer to the root-system of your lawn.

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