The Best Way To Cover an Outlet

You are generally left with the empty box nailed to your wall stud when you re-locate a power outlet. It’s not easy to eliminate the box without cutting a hole but elimination must not be be required if all you should do do is protect it. Provided that there aren’t any wires in the box, it is possible to cover it with dry wall. Wires are joined inside, and in the event the box is performing as a junction box, nevertheless, a detachable cover is mandated by the code. Covers come in steel or plastic, and they are attached by you also .

Before you eliminate the outlet in the box turn off the power to the circuit and disconnect it.

Unscrew the device screws in bottom and the top of the outlet using a screwdriver. Pull the outlet from the wall. Disconnect it by pulling the wires off and loosening the final screws. Reduce them in the event the wires are inserted to the rear of the outlet.

Remove the power cable in the box. Take it off as well, when there’s a 2nd cable feeding another system on the circuit. Pull the power cable depending which way it’s routed to the panel. It is possible to either disconnect it from your panel or reroute it.

Measure the box dimensions using a tape measure. Using a utility knife cut a bit of drywall to fit within the opening or dry wall saw.

Spray foam insulation in the box for this start to bulge out and just to increase. While it’s still damp and subsequent to the foam has completely expanded, spot the little bit of drywall along with it such it is flush using the wall, and perform it in the box. Wear gloves while do-ing this, as the foam is difficult and sticky to eliminate out of your hands.

Let the foam dry, then stop the elements that are hardened from round the outline of the patch, utilizing a utility knife.

Spread co mpound using a dry wall knife within the patch. Lay two-pieces of paper dry wall tape on the joints on the sides of the patch. Cut the tape long enough to protect the joints that are horizontal on bottom and the best in order that they meet in the middle, and place the two-pieces. Scrape the tape flat with all the knife.

Let the co mpound dry, then distribute still another coat and scrape it flat. Repeat following the next coat dries.

Before you paint it the sam e colour as the wall the patch with dry wall primer.

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