The best way to Clean Grill Grates With Oven Cleaner

Burnt-on foods residue can abandon an coating in your grill grates. Wiping the grates down after every use minimizes the buildup, but you need to still deep-clean these grates at least by the end of the yard grilling time. In the event that you use your grill year round, twice annually deep-cleaning is required. No matter how poorly it’s developed a regular oven cleaner reduces the residue. The cleaner may damage the grill if it’s not used correctly, although.

Remove the ash-pan in the inside of charcoal grills. The ash-pan and wipe the residue out. Replace it.

The grill grates coating them completely. As it may damage the end, it is possible to spray the the inside of the grill with all the cleaner, however don’t get oven cleaner on the the surface of the grill.

Therefore it could soften the buildup leave the cleaner on the grates for 20 to 30 minutes.

Wipe down the grates with paper towels. Replace the towels as they become dirty. Lift out the grates of the grill and wipe the the inside with paper towels out.

Mix 2 tablespoons of hand-dishwashing detergent with 1-gallon of warm water. Wash the grates using the detergent solution. Use the answer to wipe down exterior and the the inside of the grill, if preferred. Rinse with water.

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