Pine Tree Spittlebugs

Homeowners are often perplexed when they discover their pine-tree branches surrounded using a -like material. Seeming to erupt in the plant this material causes alarm that is adequate that observers write or phone for their university extension. What these homeowners uncover is the cause of the odd bubbles on their pine trees is a fairly harmless insect called the spittlebug (Aphrophora permutata or A. annulata).


Spittlebugs, in common, are bugs about 1/4 inch-long, that resemble leafhoppers. A. Permutata is a white and brown insect which is found feeding on spruce, fir, pine and hemlock. It’s easy to identify from the diagonal line across its back. Adult A. From which as many as two generations a year can arise permutata lay yellow to eggs in rows along needles. Spittlebug nymphs are most easy determined by their nests.


Spittlebugs are sap-feeding insects, and the others of the kind, cause harm to proven pine trees using their feeding routines. However, spittle bugs are an underlying cause of shoots vectors for the fungus Sphaeropsis pini, and Xylella fastidiosa, which causes bacterial leaf scorch. When trees are currently seriously pressured infestations of spittle bugs can trigger branch and twig die-back.

Non-Chemical Control

Spittlebugs can usually be dislodged from a hose using a high pressure blast from little pines. Clean up debris throughout the tree itself to discourage breeding and re-infestation. Protect usually attracts spittlebugs, therefore make certain to keep the region free of grass and weeds. Minor infestations can usually be safely disregarded, though the afflicted crops should be monitored by you for indications of damage that was substantial.

Chemical Handle

Consider managing the afflicted trees with imidacloprid when spittle bugs become an issue on huge pines. Water the trees completely after program to inspire the chemical to be taken in by the roots. For trees, insecticidal soaps or horticultural oils may be sprayed onto nests and bugs to smother them. These remedies that are safer might require to be repeated many times throughout the expanding time until the populace somewhat decreases.

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