Peat Moss on Grass

An essential element to a wholesome lawn is using well-draining, mineral rich land. Proper watering, fertilizing and grass control are key in avoiding problems, such as drought strain and infection, but good dirt is essential to vigorous growth. Peat moss as a soil amendment increases your lawn soil’s ability to keep water and helps to […]

Lobelia Truth

Lobelia (Lobelia erinus) is an attractive yearly plant which blooms profusely from early summer to the first frost in fall. The plant is available in compact, bushy forms or trailing varieties. Though it’s possible to propagate lobelia from seed, many gardeners prefer immediate shade supplied by young, nursery-grown plants. Lobelia is perennial in U.S. Department […]

Flowers to Keep Squirrels Away

Squirrels are curious creatures and wait patiently as you plant your bulbs every fall, so that they can dig up your work once you’re gone. Even if they don’t see you planting, squirrels can scent the fresh bulbs, a favorite food, and there isn’t much that can keep them off. But planting squirrel-resistant flowers as […]

How to Landscape the Side of a Hill

In case you need to risk your life trying to push down a mower your sloped yard, a more effective design can help. Picking a landscape strategy to get a hillside may be challenging. When it’s too hard to mow, you ought to avoid bud. Depending on how reachable irrigation isalso you might need drought-tolerant […]

How to Look After Your Own Honeysuckle Plants

Lonicera, commonly called honeysuckle, is a perennial native of the North Hemisphere, including North America, India, Europe and China. It is a part of the flowering Caprifoliaceae family. This plant, which may be deciduous or evergreen, woody or semi-woody, bush or vine, typically grows over pergolas and arbors in backyard gardens. Preferring U.S. Department of […]

Why Do the Top of Grass Blades Split After Mowing?

Your yard is a big, breathing ecosystem that withstands a lot of abuse during its lifetime, from constant mowing to traffic. A healthful ;awn utilizes blade height to retain soil moisture and suffocate weed seed germination. Because of this, each grass blade needs a strong physical arrangement to photosynthesize efficiently. But, if you practice Inferior […]

Potted Trees That Stay Green in Cold Weather

Chilly fall weather triggers plants to put in a dormant condition for winter. Many trees lose their leaves, but evergreens are vibrant year around. Evergreen trees growing in containers have a tendency to stay smaller than when they were planted in the ground, however potted trees need more permeable to live in their container for […]

Various Varieties of Hardy Hibiscus

Hardy hibiscus (Hibiscus spp.) Differ from hibiscus because of their cold-hardiness. While tropical hibiscus can simply grow in always warm, frost-free environments, a few hardy hibiscus are cold hardy to U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zone 4. These hibiscus grow as small trees or shrubs and have saucer-shaped flowers that are large. Confederate Rose […]

Plants & Trees for Ponds

Adding plants and trees in and around a pond may soften its edges, add a natural look to the physique of water and supply habitat for wildlife and beneficial insects. It is important to ensure the plants you choose for the pond can tolerate excessive moisture and soggy soils. Choosing the wrong plants could bring […]

What Is Loam Good For?

The foundation for a great garden is that the dirt available for plants to grow in. Soil ought to get appropriate drainage attributes, acceptable pH for the plants you are raising, water-holding ability, and the capability to supply nutrients essential for good plant development. If you are fortunate, you’ll have loam soil. Loam is a […]