Do Soil Erosion Be Prevented?

Soil erosion entails handling your yard to prevent creating runoff and protecting ground. Erosion exposes plant roots, which makes them vulnerable to drying , and soil gas, oil and sediment residues, fertilizers and pesticides in runoff pollute ground water. Keep away from soil erosion by spreading mulches over bare ground, or simply by developing ground […]

Water Requirements for a Ponderosa Pine Tree

Native to the American West, ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa, U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 3-7) makes a pyramidal-shaped evergreen when young. Under landscaping requirements, it can finally develop to 60-100 feet tall and 25-30 feet wide. Ponderosa pine grows best in moist soil but can adapt to a variety of soil types. It’s drought-tolerant […]

The Way to Boost Long-Handle Gourds

Called long-handle or dipper gourds, Lagenaria siceraria is a species of hard-shelled gourd developed for its fruit’s value. Each gourd includes a slightly curved neck and a base, giving it an unusual bottle-like contour that brings it into the making of craft projects such as scoops, ladles and birdhouses. The plants need at least 120 […]

How to Germinate Dawn Redwood Seeds

The dawn redwood tree is a native of China. These deciduous conifers have needle-like leaves very similar but that they fall off in late fall. The foliage turns making dawn redwoods an superb tree for your home landscape. Throughout germinating seeds grow your dawn redwood trees. Dawn redwoods are seldom found growing in character, and […]

Northeast Gardener's July Checklist

It is that time of year — garden barbecues, iced tea, casual poolside parties and long, hot days that buzz with the pulsing rhythms of cicadas and fade into twilight punctuated with all the flashing lights of fireflies. July’s zenith is indicated with luxurious, vigorous growth in the garden. I make notice of plants that […]

Herb Garden Essentials: How To Grow Chives

This cool-season perennial herb is easy to grow and amazingly long-lasting. It’s also quite versatile, at home both in the garden and in a container and, provided it gets enough sun and regular water, happy indoors or outside. Chives, sometimes referred to as garden chives to distinguish them from garlic chives will be the more […]