Pine vs. Oak for Burning

Successful wood burning begins with choosing the proper wood for your job. When some woods obviously smolder for hours, the others burn out quickly, leaving you struggling to keep the fire going. While both walnut and walnut have their place at the fireplace, the difference in density between both of these forests can affect not […]

Greenhouse Lighting Fixtures

Whether you would like to promote general plant development or propagate new plants, then you may need to install lighting fixtures in your market. Plants need colors in the light spectrum for certain periods of time in order to grow and develop. As an instance, plants need full spectrum light for photosynthesis and many plants, […]

Poulan Chain Saw Carburetor Adjusting Tools

Poulan chains saws at operate on a two cycle, or 2 strokeengine. The fuel of the engine is regulated by means of a carburetor. There are screws, or points, on a carburetor that can be adjusted to assist a motor operate. These factors regulate low rate fuel intake, high speed fuel intake and idle rate. […]