To Darken a Spot in an Aniline Leather Couch

Not all finishes are the same, when it comes to leather couches. Some couches have an opaque pigment tint that ends in a color that is consistent. An finish is somewhat translucent, allowing the leather’s natural features to appear through. As time passes, the pigment fades, resulting in lighter spots on the couch. A special […]

The way to Stain Rosewood

Rosewood is a wealthy, tight-grained wood that may come from among many trees belonging to this genus Dalbergia. Its oily and shiny texture make it a preferred material for musical instruments, jewelry boxes and other crafts, and furniture makers use it primarily as a fabric for highlighting and cutting. Rosewood is generally chocolate- or coffee-brown […]

How do I Fix a Worn Antique Victorian Tapestry?

To get a precious antique, the best alternative is professional restoration. But for tapestries with small financial value, a mild cleaning makes wrapped colors easier to spot. When selecting thread, true color matching ensures a convincing repair that mixes with Victorian-era colours, including regions of the tapestry with hues that show signs of fading or […]